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Welcome to our marketplace where you will find unique, customized items to purchase and show off your passion for the best AVA network in America.   Almost all proceeds go to support our mission.  

Deep discounts for members of course (just another benefit of joining NORVAN).  

Have a birthday coming up for someone special? Nothing says I care as much as NORVAN gift wrap.  With adorable white polka dots on a baby blue background, our logo never looked so good. 

Roll is 25 feet long and 5 feet wide.   

NORVAN GIFT WRAP       $45.00

Member price                      $2.50

Does your office need a face lift?  Looking for just the right design to show off?  Our wallpaper will definitely make a statement.  

Comes in Blue for boys and Pink for girls. 

2 ft. x 8 ft. roll       

NORVAN Wallpaper    $75/roll   

Member Price                $5/roll

Now what could be better than beginning your day with NORVAN toast?  Imagine two slices of branded toast just dripping with butter along with a cup of your favorite coffee.  We recommend a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.

(Peanut butter is discouraged, it obscures the logo)

NORVAN Toaster         $250.00    

Member Price            $9.99

Admit it. You've secretly fantasized about having one of these. Remember that doctor who pulled out that PICC 24 hours after placement because the patient's white count went up even though his urinalysis was positive for nitrates? Revenge is sweet!  

NORVAN Personal Taser       $675.00  

Member Price                           $22.50      


The perfect solution to missing out on a hotel room at the AVA Scientific Meeting.  Simply park this in the conference center parking lot. 

Show off your NORVAN pride while riding down the highways of America. 

NORVAN Travel Trailer                                   $17,900.00      Now on sale $17,850.00

Member Price                                                                                           $10,150.99                    

Hurry, only 26 left in stock                          

Original artwork created by NORVAN's own Darilyn Cole.  NORVAN's logo and president, Linda Cole painted in oil on canvas. Comes framed and ready to hang.  (Offered well below appraised value.) 

NORVAN Original Pop Art Oil Painting           4 ft x 2.5 ft   including frame           $3500.00   

Member Price                                                                                                      $3000.00      

Only 1 available

Reprints only  $600.00     


Having trouble finding volunteers to help your network function?  We did.  Now we have the perfect solution, NORVO! Five years in development and now fully functional and set to work helping our network with the most tedious of tasks. 

  • Manages membership issues without prompting, even emails members who are late on their dues.
  • Comes automatically set with privileges to access your bank account to do your bookkeeping. 
  • Will alert you with a pleasant beep when your account funds dip below $100. 
  • Fully programmed to create and manage your website.
  • Maintains your database of contacts. Automatically sends a virus to anyone who marks your email as "spam". 
  • Takes dictation at your board meetings, types up the minutes and immediately distributes to the board members. 
  • Brings you a cup of coffee at 1:00 a.m. while you are hard at work organizing your next seminar. 
  • Sends repeated emails to speakers requesting CVs, course descriptions, outlines and slide decks until response is received.
  • Programmed to randomly make positive affirmation statements 3 weeks prior to an event, speaks the following phrases in soft reassuring tones: "Everything will be okay", "Most people wait until the deadline to register", "We don't need to cancel the program", "Relax, have a glass of wine", "I am here for you".
  • Prints badges, certificates and-sign in sheets, alphabetized and perfectly formatted. 
  • NORVO sits at the registration table, checking people in with lightening speed and collecting funds with paypal. Requires no potty breaks and doesn't mind missing the first speaker while signing in late-comers. 
  • He is the perfect AV person, trouble shoots and immediately fixes problems with projectors, mics and HVAC. 
  • Keeps your program on schedule by timing and announcing "Mr. Speaker, you have 5 more minutes". Cuts off the microphone if speaker does not comply. 
  • After your program is over, NORVO automatically scans and sends copies of sign-in sheets to Lois Davis. 
  • All these features and more in development...
Get one today for your network! 

NORVO Robotic Network Assistant                                     $24,999.99 

Member Price                                                                       $17,000.00


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