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Upcoming Events

    • 12/14/2022
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Seasons 52 1689 Arden Way Suite 1065, Sacramento, CA 95815

Past events

10/18/2022 “Show Me The Money: Reimbursement Topics and Monetizing Your Worth”
04/22/2022 2022 NORVAN 11th Annual Education Day - In Person
04/22/2022 Vendor Sponsor 2022 NORVAN 11th Annual Education Day April 22nd
11/16/2021 The Science Behind Dressings
09/23/2021 “Catheter Technology – Evidence-based Risk Reduction Strategy” Sponsored by Teleflex
06/08/2021 “How is CVAD Care Impacting You Patients, The Cost of Care, and Your Hospital’s Public Profile?” Presented by Lorelle Wuerz. Sponsored by Genentech
06/07/2021 “How is CVAD Care Impacting You Patients, The Cost of Care, and Your Hospital’s Public Profile?” Presented by Lorelle Wuerz. Sponsored by Genentech
05/18/2021 Mitigating Risk of Extravasation with Power Injection
04/08/2021 What's the Connection
05/01/2020 2020 NORVAN 11th Annual Education Day
02/19/2020 Extended Dwell PIV’s: “A New Tool in the Toolbox” The Emerging Evidence
01/09/2020 Vendor Sponsor 2020 NORVAN 11th Annual Education Day May 1st
10/15/2019 Clinical decision-making for the fundamental principles of vascular access and its impact
05/17/2019 NORVAN 10th Annual Education Day
05/17/2019 2019 NORVAN 10th Annual Education Day May 17th Vendor sponsorship
02/20/2019 Ethanol Lock Therapy and CLABSI: Recent Developments in Dosing, Safety, and Efficacy
10/16/2018 “CLABSI – More than meets the eye”
05/04/2018 2018 NORVAN 9th Annual Education Day May 4th Vendor sponsorship
02/07/2018 Addressing the Dressing: Improving Dressing Disruption in Vascular Access”
12/04/2017 NORVAN Winter Speaker Program
04/21/2017 8th Annual Education Day
04/21/2017 Vendor registration for April 21st NORVAN program.
01/24/2017 Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) Prevention
08/27/2016 Ultrasound Guided CVC Insertion: Compliance Within Practice
04/29/2016 Vendor registration for April 29th NORVAN program.
04/29/2016 7th Annual Education Day
11/10/2015 The Surgically Created Arteriovenous Fistula: A Forgotten Alternative to Venous Access
04/17/2015 Strategies for Winning at Vascular Access
04/17/2015 Vendor registration for April 17th NORVAN program.
01/14/2015 Is IO Access Obsolete in Adult Trauma Resuscitation & Adult Cardiac Arrest?
10/15/2014 Beyond the Status Quo, Advancing Your Practice in Vascular Access
06/10/2014 The Benefits of Catheter Management Education and Training in Helping to Improve Infusion Care"
04/11/2014 Mining for Gold Standards in Vascular Access, 5th Annual Educational Day
04/11/2014 Vendor registration for April 11th NORVAN program.
02/06/2014 Peripheral IV’s, Are They An Overlooked Source of Infection?
11/12/2013 Vendor Registration for Nov. 12, 2013
07/30/2013 Peripheral IV Bundles, an Idea Whose Time Has Come
04/05/2013 Vendor registration for April 5th NORVAN program.
04/05/2013 Building Blocks For Vascular Access Success
02/21/2013 Costs Associated with Vascular Access and Productivity in the Acute Care Setting
11/08/2012 Vendor registration for November 8th.
11/08/2012 Infusion Therapy and Vascular Access – A Marriage of Necessity
10/29/2012 Thrombosis: The "Other" Central Venous Catheter Problem
10/29/2012 Vendor registration for October 29th. Holiday Inn Express Elk Grove
09/13/2012 NORVAN Board Meeting
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